Joint Center for Ultraviolet Astronomy




The WSO-UV project is a scientific collaboration between Spain and Russia, born under the high-level agreement entitled “Agreement between Russian Federation government and Spanish Kingdom government on cooperation in the field of the exploration and peaceful use of the outer space”.


The WSO-UV project is overlooked by the bilateral Ministerial Council set by the governments of Spain and Russia.
The last meeting took place in June 2017, in Moscow. The meeting ratified the proposal made by the bilateral working group with the final terms of collaboration. Spain will provide the far UV detector to the new imaging instrument (FCU) as well as contribute to the optical design, the definition of calibration and verification tests and participate in the ground and space calibration of the instrument.


The Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM) together with the Institute of Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences (INASAN) will develop the twin Science Operations Centers (both software and facilities) to be located in Moscow and Madrid. The Secretary of General of Industry (SGI, MINECO) manages the Spanish participation and issues the contract for the far UV detector;
An agreement has been also signed between UCM and INASAN for the joint use of the WSO-UV premises at the UCM: the Joint Center for UV Astronomy (JCUVA).