Joint Center for Ultraviolet Astronomy


The World Space Observatory - Ultraviolet (WSO-UV) is an international space telescope that will guarantee observational access in the ultraviolet (UV) range to the worldwide community of UV astronomers.

The JCUVA hosts part of the Science Operations Center (SOC) of the WSO-UV.

The WSO-UV SOC is in charge of handling and archiving all the data products acquired by the WSO-UV instruments and made the scientific data products available to the community.

Therefore, it includes the following components:

- The Scientific Data Reception System (SDRS).

- The Operational Control Centre (OCC).

- The WSO Science Control Centres (SCCs).

The OCC is the part of the SOC co-located with the WSO-UV Mission Operations Center (MOC).

The SCCs are formed by the set of SOC components in charge of:

- The final archive of data.

- L2 processing from L1 level.

- Provision of the scientific analysis tools to the community.

- Provision of proposal reception and handling systems.

There will be two SCCs, one at INASAN, one at UCM. The UCM premises will be hosted by JCUVA.







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